Inspiration.. .  


I heard this song on 88.9fm late night last sunday.. . something about it, just have to listen to it and decide what's going to come out of it on script form... . 



So today.. The sound mix of Betty I Am started!  The location is around the Howard Hughes Center, entering the building thinking what's ahead.  After raiding their office fridge, with the sugar rush to bounce off the walls, I knew I was ready for a small session.   Four hours past, the result was two scenes were finished, sorta.....  And, for the rest, it's a work in progress.  The style of the film makes a bit difficult for my sound guy, the sound presents a challenge, I was told so.......I'll see  how things go after two weeks... . I still need to get this script done... .. stress relief needed soon...  

end of the week and no push  


I'd needed to get back to work, while I was at work!.. I haven't written anything of late... When writing, or attempting to write...  Kinda weird saying it.. but, "you have to feel it".   My life's up's and down's have kept me away from my little black book where my script is being done.   Finally, got my mind a little clear... back to it.... When writing, I often get unsure about what I wrote, so I usually start all over again..   This script has too much of my personality, sooo (those who know me,    yesh!!) .... Which means that I need to settle down  and get back to what make sense and follow a strict story structure.... (This entry was in broken thoughts) Does your personality ever reflect off your work???