Working while at work  


Ready to add another page to my script which... This is how it works.. write it by hand to technically make it my first draft then transfer it to my laptop final draft program thingy to make my second draft... .. One good thing about my job; I usually do most of my writing on my lunch breaks.. So.. this is how it works.. (Again) Drive, drive, think and think while driving to figure out script plot points, causes, character wants, what's funny, does it make sense... So, when lunch time rolls around, I have a good grasp on what's going on with the script!!   Lot's of cream and lot's sugar... 

inglorious bastards  



Something to look forward to this year.. . Tarantino has been working on this script for a while..
I'm hoping that it's good.. but.. from looks of this trailer.. it should...

Friday Reflection  


Well, we're in the middle of the month and I'm at page 54 and a half of my latest script. Don't know the title yet,  hopefully I'll hear it in a conversation or something.  My deadline was suppose to be on friday.   And, Sunday was going to be a day to clean up the script, spelling errors, or just plain errors. .  But, the time and quality wasn't there...So....The day before, decided to take the day off and knew that i was not going to make it...  I needed to enjoy at least one day out of the month.   If you call enjoyment of starting off with the breakfast special at 7/Eleven, it sounds correct.  Something about their coffee and food, it may resemble fast food rejects, but it seems okay in my book, because  I'm on the go in the morning drive of my job.  During my mini breaks of day dreaming at my job, I'd figured out how the climax of my script is going to occur.  I added a special hobby to one of the characters and it fits in perfectly for the make up of the final act.  Once off from work.  I headed home to dress up, and met up with a few friends for an art gallery opening at one of places where I usually do some of my writing and at times other viewing pleasures; Royal/T. 
I was more than impressed with the whole layout of the function. With spending time getting my RSVP cleared away, just by entering the place, I knew it was going to be a good night.  French maids in the whole facility roaming around giving out free alcohol and small eating portions of many kinds .   
 I appreciated the art work, some of the conversation's of the night.. I found myself talking to a film student from USC, her name doesn't come to mind.  It would of have been more interesting if the conversation would have lasted a little longer,  for some reason, it didn't...  Random dude, we started talking.. asking me some questions that I couldn't answer, but tried my best.  Found out that you don't need a liquor license at a public event if the booze is free.. good to know, never know... it sounds like that may come in handy soon.  As I double fist some alcohol and listen to the Dj playing apparently some underground hip hop. ..  I just kept on thinking about the many reasons that I couldn't make the deadline...or i guess a way to feel better because I couldn't make the deadline.  
 Guessing it was wishful thinking, having a full time job and writing a feature script in short period of time.  Around 9pm or so, the alcohol was sinking in, and my crazy self started to come out...I received a phone call/text from a friend that was waiting for me at the Nuart for a midnight movie.  Knowing that, started drinking two bottles of fiji water... Needed to get my act together to jump on the road soon... The water was okay, but the bottles were awesome.  

Never was a really big fan of this beer until recently... The sad part I'm not really big on beer.. But, from talking or tasting...The beer world wouldn't be a bad place to visit.. 

Don't know what was the inspiration, but it worked.. . From what I got from the piece was that everyone has those mood swings ready to take over and cause some of kind of conversational topic for other people. 

This was one activity that I did throughout the event.  Much fun. And very happy for the few moments that words we're exchange, no meaning, but they were exchange. 

Before the midnight flick..GHOSTBUSTERS!!  We hit Cafe 50's for dinner, and trying to become alert and ready for a, have fun film time.  From the pictures from the wall, women and their bodies sure changed from what's acceptable in the entertainment business..

The burger is always ordered medium well... 

The wait was okay to get in the doors...During it, was still thinking ahead about the script..Even with a friend keeping me company..It sometimes dominated my mind.. I guess.. That's how it works me for now or until something comes along with a way of finishing the script..

As for the movie itself ..  I haven't seen it for ten years or so... It was well worth it.... There were so many jokes that I understood this time around... Got home.. I stared at the script for a little.. then to bed... I'm no poet or anything.. but this would be a good spot to end this with a poem.. wishful thinking.. .. 

Sunday starters..  


Sunday was just one of those days to relax.  Even though I have two tough weeks ahead on writing and finishing my script.  The picture is NOT a work of art, but actually a breakfast plate from Gaffey Street Diner in San Pedro.  The plate consisted of this huge homemade biscuit covered in gravy and buried under there was a sausage, with a side of scramble eggs and some homestyle potatoes all for $5.99  After breakfast, I went to a friends house to catch the laker game.  The game itself was just one of those where you knew the outcome would be in Lakers favor.  Getting back to script talk; what lies ahead  is a challenge, finish a script in 13 days.. which I think is possible, but the quality of the script would be awful.. well.. it's a worth a shot, why 13 days?  Well, just another opportunity to make another feature film, or simply just dream about it for the time being or until there's a resolution to Betty I Am.  Before I left my house in the morning, which was freaking cold and we're all going to die soon from it.  In the corner of my living-room was my super 16mm film camera.  As my mounting bills pile up, and the thoughts of selling it crosses my mind.  I'm glad that I didn't sell it, and I believe there's one more feature film in me to be shot with the camera under my belt.  I guess off to writing.  Also, it's not the last time for that diner, so many menu items I need to try... yum!?